Wednesday 29 October 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Dear Weekenders,

As I stared at the screen wondering what I could talk about this Wednesday it suddenly dawned on me that it was fine to just... talk. Sometimes it can be so easy to get caught up in clothes and products and all sorts of things that we forget one of the most important aspects about blogging: therapy. Maybe it's just me but I find putting my words down on paper (virtual or physical) to be extremely therapeutic as well as reading other people's thoughts.

A couple weeks ago I watched a documentary about Katharine Hepburn. I didn't know very much about her before the doc began but as the footage and the narration continued to tell her story I fell head over heels for everything she stood for. It's so hard to find those icons that we can look up to and it's so easy to find ourselves focusing on one-dimensional reasons for liking them. For me, I think that it happened when her nephew, Mundy Hepburn told the story of her performing on stage. She would be so terrified and anxious that they would leave a bucket in the wings and before going on stage she would be sick and then do her performance. He paraphrased something that she once said and it really connected to me on a deeper level.

If you have to do something, do it all the way or not at all. If you have to throw up, then throw up -- but go ahead and do it anyways.
Mundy was very blunt and my paraphrasing is probably lacking greatly but the idea of being so inexplicably scared of something and then doing it despite the fear is just... pure inspiration. Maybe it's because of the thoughts I keep to myself or the worries I try not to express but hearing about someone so iconic having fear but pushing herself to the limits for the sake of accomplishing her dreams... well, that means a lot to me. It taught me a lot too.

See you Friday,
x Jenn


  1. I need to check this documentary out. As most, I'm very familiar with her but don't really know any solid things; this peaked my interest. I really admire the kind of people that look fear in the eye!

    1. I updated the post with a link to the documentary which is called "Katharine Hepburn: The Great Kate" it was definitely a great watch and I think you would enjoy it!

  2. I'd really love to know more about her as I've seen her in a few old films, I'll definitely try out the documentary and see if I like it :)

    1. The documentary was really good. I think it would be interesting to read a book about her as well, she's so inspiring!