Thursday 20 November 2014

#GIRLBOSS • A Book Review

#GIRLBOSS is an in-depth look into Sophia Amoruso's life & journey (creator of as well as being a systematic and humour-filled pep talk to get you thinking about where you want to go in life. From the clear voice of Amoruso to the stories that live as examples of the advice she lists, the book touches on subjects that you don't expect. #GIRLBOSS is about inspiration, working hard and never giving up. 

One of the greatest things about the book is that in order to learn about Sophia, you begin to learn about yourself. Every chapter helps you question parts of your identity and the journey that you choose to go on. We're in a generation of women that have the opportunity to make a name for ourselves and with the use of the internet and other outlets, there's chances that our creativity will reap legitimate rewards. #GIRLBOSS isn't exactly a manual on how to do that (Sophia says so at the very beginning) but it's instead a retelling of how she did that, with a list of thoughts on what exactly 'that' was and whether or not you should consider giving it a shot.

#GIRLBOSS is not just for the girl that isn't afraid to dream but also for the one that is. This book is about realizing that there's endless possibilities behind loving who you are, being uniquely yourself and not for a second letting anyone get in the way of that. Sophia reminds the reader over and over again that the biggest key to unlocking success is throwing away the ideal that says you have to be just like everyone else.

With one part humour, one part intellect and two parts inspiration, #GIRLBOSS is the perfect recipe for a page-turner.

x Jenn


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm adding this to my reading list!

  2. I've been meaning to buy it, sounds even more interesting than I thought! Thanks!

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  3. I had seen many photos of people holding this book on Instagram and been interested, but not enough to look into it .. until now! Thanks for this review, I hadn't realised who or what the book was about! :)


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  5. The way you wrote this review was so captivating, really great :) I've been wanting and talking and thinking about reading this book for what feels like ages, but then I read an excerpt pretty recently and wasn't totally feeling it (really love to read, but uh, I can be so picky about what I read) I guess we'll see for now but it's great to know you enjoyed it!

  6. yes, sometimes the lighting isnt all that great. I think we should draw the line when we stop looking like ourselves. when our skin color is totally different, or when our under eye bags disappear… that’s not real.

  7. Definitely going to check this out :) x

  8. i really need to get this! need a huge dose of inspiration right now

    from helen at

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  9. I actually never heard of this book, but based on this review I really would like to check it out! It sounds like a really great motivator! Books about learning about self-identity is soo important and sounds like a perfect addition to some solo traveling. Thanks for sharing this book review--I'll definitely be looking into it!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  10. Perfection <3
    wish you a great week ahead…

  11. I really want to read this! I've read so many reviews and they are all so positive!

    Melane | Pure Perspective

  12. Hi Jenn, Girlboss sounds really interesting. I've never quite come across a book like that before. Finding out more about yourself while reading the book sounds very intriguing yet inspiring. I think I would have to pick that book up and flip it when I next go to the bookstore.

    I'm hungry right now as I'm typing this so I'm wondering if I should ramble on about food and make myself hungrier. Lol... Hope you've eaten your fill and glad that the meat and you didn't make enemies of each other! The cat (which is my bro-in-law's cat) scratched the slippers till the rubber became "furry". She only chooses the more expensive brands and my BIL thinks she's a bitch. lol. You've not tried a macaroon before?! You have to if you're ok with sweetness.

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  13. nice review!! I'll have a look for sure!



  14. freaking LOVE that book!
    Kristin xx

  15. I definitely need to read this book. My friend was telling me how it was empowering (at least for her) so I definitely want to read it! Thank you for convincing me also!