Thursday, 20 November 2014

#GIRLBOSS • A Book Review

#GIRLBOSS is an in-depth look into Sophia Amoruso's life & journey (creator of as well as being a systematic and humour-filled pep talk to get you thinking about where you want to go in life. From the clear voice of Amoruso to the stories that live as examples of the advice she lists, the book touches on subjects that you don't expect. #GIRLBOSS is about inspiration, working hard and never giving up. 

One of the greatest things about the book is that in order to learn about Sophia, you begin to learn about yourself. Every chapter helps you question parts of your identity and the journey that you choose to go on. We're in a generation of women that have the opportunity to make a name for ourselves and with the use of the internet and other outlets, there's chances that our creativity will reap legitimate rewards. #GIRLBOSS isn't exactly a manual on how to do that (Sophia says so at the very beginning) but it's instead a retelling of how she did that, with a list of thoughts on what exactly 'that' was and whether or not you should consider giving it a shot.

#GIRLBOSS is not just for the girl that isn't afraid to dream but also for the one that is. This book is about realizing that there's endless possibilities behind loving who you are, being uniquely yourself and not for a second letting anyone get in the way of that. Sophia reminds the reader over and over again that the biggest key to unlocking success is throwing away the ideal that says you have to be just like everyone else.

With one part humour, one part intellect and two parts inspiration, #GIRLBOSS is the perfect recipe for a page-turner.

x Jenn

Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Favourites


Dear Weekenders,

I can't believe that October is already coming to a close. Tomorrow sparks the beginning of November and to be honest, I'm so excited for all of the new things to come. October was quite a month for me. I did costume design for a film (did I mention this month was busy?!) and started this blog! I'm so happy and proud of what has become of August Weekend and constantly so grateful for everyone that reads my posts and comments such lovely things. I never would have imagined that people would show up so soon but it's been great getting to know you guys.

As October comes to a close, I'd like to go over some of my favourites from the month!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Liebster Award

I recently got nominated by Hannah over at Tallgirl97 to do the Liebster Award tag! 
Thanks Hannah ♡ Check out the answers to her questions here!

I'm really horrible and don't know who to nominate so feel free to tag yourself & answer Hannah's questions as well and notify me so I can read them! Also be sure to check out her blog post to discover other bloggers.

My Answers:

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

At the moment it's probably Matt Czuchry from The Good Wife (love that show, definitely a must watch). 

2. What is your favourite makeup brand?

I must be one of the only people in the world to feel this way but I don't have a favourite go-to makeup brand. I usually go by products because most brands have hits and misses for me. I think that if I bit the bullet and spent money on Urban Decay that they could become my favourite brand. At the moment the only thing I use by them is their De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray and I really like it.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Dear Weekenders,

As I stared at the screen wondering what I could talk about this Wednesday it suddenly dawned on me that it was fine to just... talk. Sometimes it can be so easy to get caught up in clothes and products and all sorts of things that we forget one of the most important aspects about blogging: therapy. Maybe it's just me but I find putting my words down on paper (virtual or physical) to be extremely therapeutic as well as reading other people's thoughts.

A couple weeks ago I watched a documentary about Katharine Hepburn. I didn't know very much about her before the doc began but as the footage and the narration continued to tell her story I fell head over heels for everything she stood for. It's so hard to find those icons that we can look up to and it's so easy to find ourselves focusing on one-dimensional reasons for liking them. For me, I think that it happened when her nephew, Mundy Hepburn told the story of her performing on stage. She would be so terrified and anxious that they would leave a bucket in the wings and before going on stage she would be sick and then do her performance. He paraphrased something that she once said and it really connected to me on a deeper level.

If you have to do something, do it all the way or not at all. If you have to throw up, then throw up -- but go ahead and do it anyways.
Mundy was very blunt and my paraphrasing is probably lacking greatly but the idea of being so inexplicably scared of something and then doing it despite the fear is just... pure inspiration. Maybe it's because of the thoughts I keep to myself or the worries I try not to express but hearing about someone so iconic having fear but pushing herself to the limits for the sake of accomplishing her dreams... well, that means a lot to me. It taught me a lot too.

See you Friday,
x Jenn

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fashion Spotlight

Hello weekenders! For me, fashion is an art and sometimes when you're an artist you constantly crave inspiration. Helen (also known as melonlady) is someone that constantly gives me just that as well as body confidence! For those of you who don't know her she has a beauty/fashion/lifestyle channel on youtube. Not only that but she's in a super cool band called Box of Light! Her Autumn Lookbook is out and I absolutely love it so I thought I would share it with you all. I love hearing about the people that we all get inspiration from so feel free to leave some youtubers or fellow bloggers for me to check out in the comments. Love you guys!

x Jenn

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Take A Chance | Quote Wednesday

Photo edited by August Weekend. Original

After chatting with Wild Hearts + Green Tea about the amazing quotes she posted, it inspired me to introduce the first series of my blog: Quote Wednesday. My posting schedule thus far has been Wednesday & Fridays. I like the idea of having Fashion Fridays and then saving Wednesdays for something unrelated to style. So now, sometimes Wednesdays will showcase a favourite quote of mine. I hope that you'll come to look forward to Quote Wednesdays here on August Weekend!

"If you've never been in over your head, how will you know how tall you are?" As soon as I heard someone say this it hit me like a tonne of bricks. It was basically one of those situations where your mind had been filled with so many unanswered questions and all of a sudden there was one group of words just shining a light on all the answers. That seems rather convoluted... what I'm trying to say is that lately as I grow my business and my career I've been trying to figure out what choices to make. After hearing these words I realized that life is so full of fear and risks and wondering if we're ready for certain obstacles — we're so busy worrying about these things that we forget about the fact that we won't know if we can do it until we try.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Affordable F21

Faux Leather Moto Jkt $24.00
Floral Skater Dress $17.00
Distressed Jeans $29.80

All items from F21+ collection

I think it's really hard to maintain a shopping addiction hobby these days what with the price of certain pieces. Sometimes we get so excited about certain items that we make up excuses for the price tag but during those times when you need to reel in the spending, I think that Forever21 really comes in handy. I think it's important to be conscious of what you're splurging and saving dollars on. Is it a t-shirt? A pair of leggings? Jeans? I think those items will fair okay with wear (jeans won't last forever if they're cheap but they'll definitely last you a while). As for that sequin dress you wanna buy for New Year's? That's a definite splurge in my books.

Which look do you like the most?

x Jenn

Ps. Apologies that this post went up late! I'm currently designing costumes for a film and I haven't had enough time to make sure my scheduled posts are actually going up -- ack!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Movie Night

Source AE

I think that everyone has those times where all they want to do is curl up in some comfy clothes and watch a movie (or maybe more than one?). Coming home on the 8 hour flight from England I had enough time to watch three movies - all of which I thought would be great options for someone who is looking for something to watch whether it be a recent release or an old one. The other day I was also able to catch another film and I'll add it to this list because it was really cute and -- you wouldn't think it -- but totally inspiring.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Autumn Outfit | Fashion Friday

Navy, black and burgundy tartan shift dress (3/4 length sleeves) paired with a slouchy army green over jacket. Leggings tucked into black lace-up boots with accessories (gold lion chain necklace, gold dome earrings and a pink patterned headband).

All other items are last season but they are from Forever21 and the boots are from Torrid.

Dear Weekenders,

I hope you're doing well! As October is a busy month for me work-wise, I decided to share with you all an outfit that I wore to a meeting. It was my first seriously "autumn" look of the season and I love it to bits. Every time I wear this dress I feel like I'm in the 50s or something. What's an item of clothing you feel like wearing all the time this fall? For me, it's this dress!

x Jenn

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Hello, weekenders! This September I was lucky enough to be able to tag along with my mother and visit her home country, England! I hadn't been for about four years and I was so excited that I had a break in my schedule and would be able to make the trip. Whenever I go to the UK it always feels like a second home. Now that I'm a bit older, I definitely see it in a new light and this vacation was such a lovely break from the sometimes fast-paced nonstop life I've been living. This feels a bit like I'm sitting down my friends to watch a long slideshow of my holiday but hopefully you will enjoy! Grab a cup of tea and live vicariously through me - let's go!


Friday, 3 October 2014

ASOS Wishlist

Hello weekenders! As I stare at all that has to offer it suddenly gets me thinking - I can't be the only one that does this. What am I doing exactly? I'm staring longingly at different things I wish I could buy online. It takes a lot of willpower but sometimes I'll let myself casually browse even though I know I'm not going to be taking out the credit card (from my new New Look wallet that I'm inlove with, by the way).

The only trouble is that you keep seeing peice after peice that you just "have" to have and then slowly... a wishlist is born. I only let myself browse for 10 minutes but I just had to share with you some of the items I'm lusting after from the ASOS Curve collection. 


What do you think I should get?

x Jenn

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Walks By The Lake

Hello weekenders! I've been really enjoying going for walks by the lake lately. I got back from England really jetlagged and I decided to go for a walk at like 8am and then one thing led to the other and I kept going for a walk every morning. There's something really calming about being by the water, seeing the geese and white swans with the sun shining (though to be honest there's something beautiful about when it's foggy and overcast by the water). I've been wearing my Nike+ sneakers and using the app to track my distance and time. It's a cool way to keep a log of your activity! After each walk I climb onto a giant rock and sit, looking out at the water.

What's something you like to do in the mornings that puts you in a great mood?

x Jenn

Because no walk is complete without a playlist, I thought I would share a few of the songs that I listen to while I'm starting my day. You can listen to the playlist here on 8tracks

  1. Under by AOSOON
  2. You Made Your Bed by Travis Garland
  3. Til Tomorrow by DWNTWN
  4. The 1975 Chocolate by DWNTWN 
  5. Thrilla In Manila by Greyson Chance
  6. Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding
  7. White Nights by Oh Land
  8. You're In Love by Betty Who
  9. Burning Bridges by One Republic
  10. Abbey Lee by Travis Garland

Friday, 26 September 2014



On Tuesday the 23rd of Septemeber I was very excited to go to the movies because a) It meant that I could wear some of the clothes I got while I was away in England b) It meant catching up with my friend and c) I got to see The Maze Runner which is a film I have been meaning to see in the theatre. Most of my outfit is from the UK and still available. The movie was definitely one of my faves of the year. It was so different from anything I have seen for a while. I would definitely say if The Hunger Games, Divergent or a lil ol' movie called Holes are your jam then you should check them out. I had a great night out catching up with my friend and feeling comfortably chic (the sweater is so soft and the jeans are jegging style - so comfy!). What's a movie that you were really impressed by lately?

Sunday, 21 September 2014

I think I just started a blog.

The idea of starting a blog seems quite exciting when you first think of it. Then the actual process begins and it feels rather intimidating. You can only obsess over the look of your blog for so long before you're faced with the prospect of doing what you actually set out to do: write. There's a blank canvas just waiting for your words and you wonder what will become of it. Well, every story needs a beginning and I've decided that a blog cannot be started without a quintessential "first post"-post. So as I sit here in my PJs (why exactly am I still in these?), nom on some apple (just got back from England everything in the fridge is expired - eek!) and listen to some Travis Garland (currently obsessed) I will write my first post to August Weekend's new blog. Now, time for the introductions!