Sunday 21 September 2014

I think I just started a blog.

The idea of starting a blog seems quite exciting when you first think of it. Then the actual process begins and it feels rather intimidating. You can only obsess over the look of your blog for so long before you're faced with the prospect of doing what you actually set out to do: write. There's a blank canvas just waiting for your words and you wonder what will become of it. Well, every story needs a beginning and I've decided that a blog cannot be started without a quintessential "first post"-post. So as I sit here in my PJs (why exactly am I still in these?), nom on some apple (just got back from England everything in the fridge is expired - eek!) and listen to some Travis Garland (currently obsessed) I will write my first post to August Weekend's new blog. Now, time for the introductions!

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I'm a girl in her early twenties that is ever mystified by the idea that you don't just have to do one thing with your life. Maybe I get that from my brother, he's a master of all trades, and while at times I feel a bit like a juggler of all trades it certainly makes life interesting. Working in the Canadian film & tv industry, I'm having a fun time meeting new people and expanding my experiences. Life on a film-set is fast-paced, fun and what someone once called bootcamp. You're constantly thinking on your feet and I swear that half the time you feel like Sherlock Holmes trying to solve the next mystery fashion crisis ( Sherlock stared at the girl that stood before him. There was a dress and there were safety pins. The dress was too big. Way too big. Safety pins and some thread - those would do. He needed more hands though and he turned on his heels, off to find some assistants. ).

When I'm not working on a set, I'm spending my time making six second fashion videos on vine. Hobbies you ask? I really like watching fashion/beauty youtubers (especially when they vlog), watching movies, catching up on my bloglovin' feed and finding new music (fun fact: I'm really into the Korean music & TV industry). In terms of things that can't be done on a computer (sunlight, fresh air - what is that?) - I like sitting by the water, driving around town listening to the radio and looking at clothes in the store front's window (okay, and maybe going inside too).

Do you feel like you know me a bit better? Fear not, we'll get to know one another a lot better once the posts start rolling out. I hope to accumulate a myrad of posts on August Weekend concerning outfits, style inspiration, current obsessions, music and movie recommendations as well as little updates on my life.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. Tell me a little bit about who you are, where you're from and what you like to read about on blogs (bonus points if you include a hobby or interesting fact). Coming across this post even after August Weekend has been around for a while? Comment anyway, I'd love to get to know you!

Talk soon, Weekenders.



  1. Hi Em! Thanks for the welcome and thank you for your lovely comment :)

  2. Hey, Wow your blog is so new yet it is amazing!!
    My blog is quite new too, do you think you could help me out with some stuff? Im still a little confused :/

    Ashley -

    1. Aw, you're so sweet. Thank you! I could try and help (since I'm new as well I haven't figured it all out yet!) - feel free to email me at :)

  3. Heya, I was looking through your blog (In no way stalking, I promise ;)) to read some of your older posts to see how you started out (as a ABSOLUTE newbie myself). To find that you started this blog only a few months ago is amazing because your blog is so well written and perfectly designed. In short, it's lovely. Asiya xx

    1. Asiya, you are so sweet! Thank you so much and welcome to the blogging world. I hope that you've been enjoying figuring everything out!