Friday, 26 September 2014



On Tuesday the 23rd of Septemeber I was very excited to go to the movies because a) It meant that I could wear some of the clothes I got while I was away in England b) It meant catching up with my friend and c) I got to see The Maze Runner which is a film I have been meaning to see in the theatre. Most of my outfit is from the UK and still available. The movie was definitely one of my faves of the year. It was so different from anything I have seen for a while. I would definitely say if The Hunger Games, Divergent or a lil ol' movie called Holes are your jam then you should check them out. I had a great night out catching up with my friend and feeling comfortably chic (the sweater is so soft and the jeans are jegging style - so comfy!). What's a movie that you were really impressed by lately?

Sunday, 21 September 2014

I think I just started a blog.

The idea of starting a blog seems quite exciting when you first think of it. Then the actual process begins and it feels rather intimidating. You can only obsess over the look of your blog for so long before you're faced with the prospect of doing what you actually set out to do: write. There's a blank canvas just waiting for your words and you wonder what will become of it. Well, every story needs a beginning and I've decided that a blog cannot be started without a quintessential "first post"-post. So as I sit here in my PJs (why exactly am I still in these?), nom on some apple (just got back from England everything in the fridge is expired - eek!) and listen to some Travis Garland (currently obsessed) I will write my first post to August Weekend's new blog. Now, time for the introductions!